Earth As You Know It (psychological drama) (cast of 2) ~ Sometimes there is fine line between delusion and reality, so how do you know which side of the line you're on? Celia is a weary homicide detective with a painful secret. John is a deceptively calm murder suspect with an implausible story. Who will be first to succumb to the pressure of interrogation?

Fur Pajamas: A New Musical (large cast) ~ After 25 years, Nigel is still trying to recapture the success he achieved as the front man for Fur Pajamas, a New Wave one-hit wonder band. He's got this crazy idea, but he can't do it alone. Can he get his new young agent, an ex-bandmate, and a former girlfriend to agree, or is this truly the end of the road? (Music by John Allman)

Lines & Currents (romantic comedy) (cast of 3) ~ When Brian, an easy-going Wisconsin tourist, rides the Staten Island Ferry for the first time, he more than meets his match when he encounters Toni and Veronica, a couple of fast-paced New York commuters.

Murder at the Birthday Bash (immersive experience) ~ In November of 1929, bandleader Johnny Dorsey is throwing himself a birthday party at his mansion. As the jazz heats up and the gin flows freely, a body is discovered floating in the pool. There's a murderer among the guests! Was it the jazz musician? The wealthy socialite? The local gangster? The silent film star? You must identify the killer before they strike again!


Airlock (monologue derived from Sundown, a work in development) ~ With her oxygen levels dangerously low, Mission Commander Theresa Davies is unable to re-enter the orbiting W.H.O. spacecraft Hippocrates. Is it a malfunction, or something more sinister?

Cleopatra, Divine Survivor (historical drama) (cast of 3) ~ Although returned to her throne, Cleopatra appreciates the precarious nature of her place in a male-dominated world. While grateful for Caesar's support, she must do more to ensure her survival and that of her house. What can she possibly offer the most powerful man in the world?

The Devil You Know (political satire) (cast of 4) ~ To discover who was actually pulling the strings of Trump's candidacy wouldn't surprise anyone today, but it did when this short play premiered in NYC the day after the 2016 New Hampshire primary.

Until She Isn't (family drama) (cast of 3) ~ An adult child returns home in an attempt to persuade an elderly father to confront the reality of their situation and to make a difficult decision about the woman they both love.

What Would I Say? (dramedy) (cast of 3) ~ At his 10-year high school reunion, a chance encounter enables Malcolm to finally get something off his chest and disclose long-hidden feelings to his classmate, Paige. But, it turns out that he's not the only one who has something to say.

IN development

Unfamiliar: A Maidstone Tale (horror drama) (cast of 4) - In the Hamptons, Anne's life - if you can call it that - has been filled with tragedy and horror, mostly of her own making. But since her mother forcibly turned her, a vampire's existence was all she could imagine for herself. Hundreds of years of isolation, fear, and hunger have taken their toll on her psyche, but when Cornelia applies for a job at her estate, Anne is presented with a choice. Continue to accept her unwanted destiny, or finally overcome her most primal instincts. Can she find a soulmate...if she has no soul?

Sundown (large cast) ~ Decades into the future on post-pandemic Earth, Evie has had enough of her domineering older sister and her claustrophobic hamlet at the foot of the Ozark Mountains. With her life approaching a major turning point, an existential danger is fast approaching. Is Evie the key to humanity's survival, or the harbinger of its final days?

The Duchess of Dyffryn: A New '60s Musical (large cast) ~ London. 1967. The epicenter of new music, fashion, media, and art. What young woman wouldn't want to experience that? Alas, Blodwyn lives in the tiny Welsh village of Dyffryn, and this old place with even older ideas of how things are done is suddenly in danger of disappearing. Follow one woman’s journey as she navigates between leaving the past behind and trying to save it in this toe-tapping new musical.

The Fountain (period drama) (cast of 4) ~ At the turn of the 20th century, patriarchy, primogeniture, and class boundaries are strictly observed in Italian society. From one fateful day at the fountain, Angelica must walk a tightrope between her needs and her desires as she tries to protect herself, her sister, and her heart. In this tale inspired by true events, Angelica discovers that her choices could echo far beyond the borders of her difficult employer's estate.

Instagram post of PGE's First Reads Festival #15 (Spring 2021). David was selected (along with Fernando Vieira, Robin Dimension and Max Raymond) to further develop new works. David's libretto and lyrics for a new musical, 'The Duchess of Dyffryn,' were presented in a virtual reading.

Many of David's plays are available on New Play Exchange (NPX).

To inquire about his other works, Contact David directly.